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The real estate sector takes care of the basic needs of the citizens.

The real estate sector takes care of the basic needs of the citizens.

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Is real estate the right investment option versus others?

The real estate sector takes care of the basic needs of the citizens and there will always be a demand for it. With India’s increasing population and economy growing, the sector is on its path of being a reliable investment tool generating good returns. Investors have realized the utility of investing in real estate assets with the assurance of a stable long-term ROI and capital appreciation. Realty may now see an influx of people ready to buy smaller units as their first investment for creating a future asset, the continuation of this trend for several years post COVID rings positivity for the entire sector and its allied industries.


  • Return on investment from other investment tools at a low, thereby making real estate a reliable investment option.
  • The declining lending rates coupled with government incentives and a stable real estate price has given investors added reasons to invest in real estate.
  • The investors with a foresight of the market have already started moving their funds to real estate.
  • Rental Income and/or regular monthly income in times of uncertainty is a reason for shift towards real estate.
  • Capital appreciation is the cherry on the cake.

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How to find your dream property online during lockdown

The pandemic came as a disruptive wave, and uprooted the social lifestyle of masses on a global level. The state of confinement within the four walls of home came as a shock and impossible disposition to everyone in the very beginning. Business corporations and firms shifted their base of working completely on the digital front. Realty firms were also quick to follow the suit, and started utilizing technology based marketing tools at their forefront to keep the sales in motion. As time passed by, the technological upgrading became the need of the hour.

Property investment in India is a well-thought out process, and what better time than this to begin that search. Believe it or not, the lockdown period has definitely proven to be an eye-opener for so many organizations. It has paved the way for cost-effective and less time consuming alternatives due to the recent limitations imposed. Fence-sitters, who were planning on making a property investment in India, are motivated positively with the recent announcements made by the Government.

Reduced repo rates have brought down the interest rates on home loans, real estate prices are in their best shape. Developers are also keen on offering freebies to keep the homebuyers' interest intact, along with some lucrative schemes like paying a reasonable booking amount and beginning EMI's post lockdown gets lifted.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when finding your dream property online -

  • Budget Allocation – The moment you decide, your decision for property investment in India is firm. Next thing you must take a firm call on is your budget. Online searches will give you the ease of looking for properties within a price range filter. So, the job is yours to reckon a budget as per your current financial situation and the facilities you wish for in your new dream home.
  • Location is the key – Once you enter the world of online property searches, you will be spoilt for choices. However, a property should not only be selected as per the facilities it offered, but a considerate attention is needed for the location it is situated on. If you are a family with kids, look for schools and entertainment hubs nearby. Easy connectivity to your workplace is also equally important. You don't want to make a property investment in India, that isn't even giving you enough time to spend with your family.
  • Ask and seek – Even when the lockdown gets lifted, virtual meetings and site tours would be very much in trend for property buying. A smart developer would understand this, and prepare his sale model accordingly. Your job as a smart consumer is to seek for as much information as possible before investing. Most developers update the layout of their units offered in a project on their websites, to get a fair idea of the space asking for a virtual floor plan will make things more fair and clear to you. A genuine developer would be very much willing to invest and address your all kinds of concerns, or provide an alternate way out for putting your doubts to rest.
  • Alerts will give you an edge - When virtual dealings are going to be the new way of doing businesses; it is time for you to become a virtually smart consumer. Set up alerts on the websites you browse for checking out your dream home. The alerts will notify as soon as your preferred listing gets updated. This will give you an edge over other homebuyers and who knows that one alert responded timely might take you closer to your dream home.

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